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Moving is a Good Time to Organize

By Chris McKenry

A new home makes life a little busy and stressful, but staying organized in the process and at the new home sure helps. The “to-do” list becomes more like an activity booklet during a move. You may still need to find a moving company or get everything packed, but work, family responsibilities, and other commitments have not slowed.

A professional organizer can guide you through these tasks. During the packing process, boxes should be labeled to the new house destination. This makes unpacking much easier. Even before the move, take time to think about how to be more organized. Unpack things where they will be used, not necessarily in the same area they were in the old house.

Does the new home storage meet your needs? Unpacking will be much easier if the pantry, closets, even the laundry room and garage have storage systems that work for you. Don’t think of a closet as just a place to keep “stuff” behind a door but as a good storage design and place to showcase your collections in a way that brings you joy.

When unpacking, sort by category in every room and then start placing. In closets, use uniform hangers so everything will hang at the same level and clothes will not be playing hide and seek.

Utilize walls for vertical storage. Open wall space works well for ties and belts in closets or pots and pans in the pantry.

Line a wall with shelves if you need storage in a garage or basement. I love the beauty of stylish design and architecture, and there is something appealing about a wall of modern shelves organized into zones. A slat wall is also a fun way to organize a work space.

The best and most important moving tip is to de-clutter before you pack the old house. There is a lot of junk hiding in our homes that is no longer important. With the clutter gone, all that is left to organize is what will enhance your new home and life.

Chris McKenry provides custom closet design and professional organizing services to unpack your home.

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