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Curb Appeal Isn’t Just for Daylight Hours

By Heath Myrick, Owner of Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting

“Home Sweet Home.” You may not have a framed blue needlepoint of this expression hanging on your wall, but we all feel it. Our homes are where we feel most comfortable. Home is where we are truly ourselves, and we reflect this in how we keep them, how we decorate them, and how we landscape them.
You take great pride in your home, and you want it to be beautiful inside and out. You may think you need to find a landscaper to design pathways and ponds and plants that express who you are and what you want your home to be, but there’s an important part of landscape design that is often overlooked: Landscape lighting design.

The right landscape lighting design can turn your house into a showcase just as quickly as poor lighting design can reduce it to little more than an eyesore. Curb appeal isn’t just for daylight hours. If you spend your entire landscaping budget on plants and flowers, you only have curb appeal for half the time! Good landscape lighting design should draw attention to the architectural details you fell in love with when you purchased your home and highlight features in your landscape design, bringing beauty and drama to your yard, all while increasing the value of your home.

Every home has its own personality and unique features. An experienced landscape lighting designer can show you how to accentuate those features by creating a truly breathtaking panorama that only the nighttime hours provide. A minimalist design uses landscape lighting to highlight your home and walkways in an understated way, whereas a statement approach uses more lights to highlight your home’s features with a more dramatic effect. A balanced approach, on the other hand, focuses on your home’s symmetry and landscape plantings. If your primary interest is safety, you can focus instead on landscape lighting for security.

Today a growing number of homeowners are selecting a more natural approach that uses landscape lighting to duplicate the way in which the natural moonlight dances through the trees and other plantings you may wish to highlight. Regardless of your preference, an experienced professional landscape lighting designer can assist you to achieve the approach that most appeals to your desired nightscape.

If you’re considering outdoor lighting, I invite you to contact Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting, East Tennessee’s first choice in exterior lighting, at 865-484-4011 today. Also, visit to discover your home’s true showcase quality look no matter what the time of day.

Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting

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