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It’s More Than a Mudroom

Mudroom: While some hate the label “mudroom,” it’s a good description of how we often use the space. It can be a messy catchall for daily items like shoes, coats, bags, dog leaches, and all the things we carry every day to and from work or school. It’s also the area of the home that sees the most traffic. So besides a place to sit as you take on and off your shoes, the mudroom area can be designed to do so much more.

» Include Hooks and Cubbies
Every member of the family needs their own coat hook and cubby space. Kids are more likely to hang their backpack and jackets on a hook, keeping them organized and saving time on school mornings when everything is in its place. Cubbies help everyone keep track of everyday items like a purse or cap. If you have the space, you can add more for guests.

» Add Cabinets
A mudroom is part of your home, so dress up the look of the space by adding cabinet doors over the cubbies. Doors make a mudroom look more stylish rather than a catchall zone. And, let’s be honest, a cabinet door hides any cluttered shelves.

» Put in a Hamper
With a hamper, clothes that are wet, soiled, or muddy have place to go. Otherwise those clothes end up dropped on the floor or left in a kid’s backpack. Nobody wants to discover a smelly, wet t-shirt days later in a backpack!

» Create a Communications Station
Since the mudroom sees daily traffic, make it a place for family communications. Include a chalk or corkboard for reminders such as grocery items or baseball practice. Now the refrigerator won’t be covered with notes, invitations, and pictures. Also, include USB ports to create a place to recharge family cell phones, tablets, and other electronic equipment.

» Install a Sink
A sink helps to cut down on the dirt. So if you have the space, install one to help keep everyone – and your house – clean.

Use the Garage
If you are renovating and you don’t have the space for a mudroom inside your house, many people are using the garage. Placed just outside the garage door, a mudroom serves the same purpose and keeps a lot of the dirt out of the house.

Want to create a mudroom for your house? Tailored Living of Knoxville will work with you to design, select materials that coordinate with the rest of your house, and install the space that best fits your family’s needs. You’ll love your new space and ask yourself, “Why didn’t we do this a long time ago?”

Tailored Living

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