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Catapult Your Sales Skyward

Catapult Your Sales Skyward
By Tom Irmen

I believe the primary reason for missing the potential to achieve explosive growth in your small business might be your decision to place your customer service levels on the back burner. Entrepreneurs often rely on their websites, social media and online, print, on-air, and mail marketing campaigns to increase sales volume. Yet despite their best efforts to generate additional sales revenue, many of these same companies offer their customers a woefully low customer service experience that only serves to erode even their best sales efforts.

In a 1970s episode of M*A*S*H, a popular TV satire on the Korean War, Major Frank Burns, a not-so-skilled surgeon, focused primarily on his military career, once stated: “This war wouldn’t be so bad if it were not for all of the wounded.”

I’ve witnessed firsthand how many entrepreneurs who, in response to overwhelming customer sales and their inability to maintain acceptable customer service levels, begin viewing their customers as adversaries. A sort of, “My business wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for all of the customers” philosophy.

All too often I’ve witnessed small business owners who have succeeded in increasing their sales only to leave a negative wake behind them as their newly found customers are forced to accept their below standard service levels. They’ve promised their customers 100%, delivered 70%, and become angry when the customer brings the difference to their attention.

No business can have enough good press. Every satisfied customer is a reporter on steroids, telling those they influence about the positive experience they’ve had with your company. Conversely, they’re more than certain to pass along their negative experiences as well.

It’s just good common sense to successfully differentiate your small business from the competition by allocating more of your resources into your company’s customer service experience. Your competitor may have the “glitziest” website in town, but your commitment to a superior level of customer care will propel you past their façade if they fail to deliver the quality customer service their customers demand.

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