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It’s All About Me

It’s All About Me
By Tom Irmen

Successful entrepreneurs typically have healthy self-esteems, but others border on pure vanity. Self-confidence is a common characteristic shared by successful entrepreneurs, but there are both healthy and unhealthy versions of our personal esteem. I believe that unhealthy self-esteem results when we limit the perspective of our success, when we see only our own contribution, while ignoring the contributions of our associates, customers, and vendors.

A truly successful small business owner functions more like an air traffic controller who coordinates the activities of a variety of team members, both on the ground and in the air. Although the controller is not tasked with the responsibility to actually fly the aircraft, the controller nevertheless provides the much needed direction to safely guide the plane and its passengers from point A to point B. The inability of an entrepreneur to embrace the entire team undermines the team, much to the detriment of everyone involved.

Ronald Reagan once said, “There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” I love that quotation and believe it should be the core principle of every small business owner pursuing genuine success. But it has to exist in your company’s DNA.

Here’s one place where you can successfully incorporate this winning philosophy into your company’s culture. As your business prospers and you discover it’s necessary to delegate more responsibility and authority to your associates, encourage them to take individual initiative, recognizing that some mistakes will be inevitable, although they are rarely terminal. Remember that your destructive criticism can destroy not only the personal initiative of your associates, but your company’s chance to succeed in the future.

Embrace an “It’s All About Us” attitude, where the entire TEAM takes a collective bow in recognition of the TEAM’S success. You’ll discover the TEAM’S success is far more gratifying than individual success.

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