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The Election Distraction

By Tom Irmen

I’m frequently asked by other small business owners whether I believe that presidential elections impact the economy.  The plain and simple truth is that I don’t know.

In my 66 years, every presidential election that I have witnessed has been showcased as the election upon which the fate of the nation rests.  It sort of reminds me of SEC football, where sports analysts convince fans that next weekend’s games are even more pivotal than last weekend’s games.  You know… the ones that they convinced us then were the very games upon which the entire season depended.

There’s no question that the upcoming elections are important, particularly when you consider that the new president will set the tone for our nation for the next four to eight years.  While much is at stake, I don’t believe elections rise to the level of doom and gloom portrayed by a media fighting for market share and increased advertising revenues.

After this election season has ended, which can’t be soon enough for most of us, rest assured that politicians and their pundits and a willing media will begin the seemingly never ending political cycle all over again as they begin to handicap the 2018 congressional elections, which of course will be characterized as the most important election in our nation’s – and the world’s – history.

But until this matchup between The Donald and Hillary draws to its final conclusion, you still have a business to run. If you’re a political junkie, why not re-channel some of that energy to your own election? You know… the election that you participate in daily, where your customers (the voters) decide to select you or your competition (the candidates) with which to do business.  Trust me, it’s more financially rewarding.

Be a patriot.  Vote for the best candidate, and then go out and win your own election.

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