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Organizing Everyone for Back-to-School

Everyone can benefit from the “back-to-school” mindset. The same principles for organizing the kids can bring order when used by the grownups, too.

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Clear Your Space and Head
Review last year’s projects and edit what is no longer needed. Show the kids, and yourself, that it is not necessary to keep everything. Keeping only what is loved and needed makes room for the coming year. Give kids your permission to “say goodbye” to clutter, and help them practice good organizing habits.

Dedicate Space
Create a dedicated space for work and projects around the house. If the only place to study is the kitchen table, have a container handy where each child can store supplies. It will help keep clutter controlled. Be creative and make your workspace a pleasant place where you will enjoy working. Homework is easier when there is room to work.

Splash of Color
Don’t be afraid of using colors to help categorize projects. Using the same color for folders and binders for each class or subject will help keep things organized. If you have a large family, you can even color code the kids – or at least their backpacks or space in the garage for keeping up with extra-curricular activities.

After School & the Garage
When after-school activities begin, the house can quickly become crowded. Make it easier to head to activities by creating space in the garage for everyone’s needs. Whether it’s getting to ball practice or just having a place for the science project, storage is always welcomed.

Getting organized ahead of time will prepare you and your kids for the upcoming bustling school year. For more storage and home organization tips, visit

Closets by McKenry

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