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Capturing an American Icon in Stained Glass

By Laura Goff Parham

Never in my 30 years as a professional stained glass artist did I ever envision creating a stained glass art piece featuring the iconic Harley Davidson.  Churches, landscapes, wildlife, you name it – but Harley Davidson?  You had to be kidding.

But as I drove daily to my studio off Lovell Road and past the Harley Davidson showroom and service center, I couldn’t help but notice the ongoing construction behind the Harley dealership.  After a little investigation on my part, I learned that area entrepreneur, James Copeland, with the cooperation of  Harley Davidson of Knoxville, was constructing a state-of-the-art outdoor concert theatre that would feature the best in musical entertainment, from today’s headliners to the best local and regional artists. Laura Goff Designs

When I learned that concert-goers would have to walk past my studio to attend the concerts, my own entrepreneurial instincts kicked in.  I decided to place large light boxes in my existing exterior display windows that would allow me to feature my first ever Harley Davidson stained glass art.

My research of Harley Davidson was a real eye opener.  Instead of meeting the stereotypical bikers I had imagined, I met some of the kindest and most generous individuals from just about every walk of life that I have ever had the privilege of working with.

I hope the stained glass art that I have created, which could not have been possible without the creative talents of my assistant, Louise Fry, will amaze you as it has the Back Porch on the Creek concert-goers.  These individual creations feature incredible detail that describes the Harley Davidson culture, from the large number of riders with military backgrounds to the ever-popular U.S. Highway 129 and the famed “Dragon.”

Of course stained glass art encompasses a great many areas of interest beyond these famed Harley Davidson related images, but this art will help you appreciate what the full potential the stained glass may represent for your home or office.  To learn more, I invite you to visit my studio or website, or like us on Facebook.  Discover how stained glass can color your life.

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