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Veronica G Boutique

Perfect Vacation Wear

By Gail Edwards, Owner of Veronica G Boutique

I’m not sure what I enjoy more: Discovering an exciting new apparel line or watching the expressions on the faces of our customers when they discover the same line displayed at Veronica G Boutique.

Last month we had the privilege to introduce you to an entirely new apparel line from Bali Apparel. Produced from Batik fabrics, these rich, color-dyed fabrics create the striking designs that our customers have been raving about.

Well, this month is no exception, as Veronica G Boutique is proud to introduce you to yet another new line of U.S.-made apparel from Nomadic Traders. And, best of all, this new line is just perfect for women on the go as the 2016 vacation season really heats up.

Nomadic Traders’ wide range of women’s clothing created by their experienced design team offers the “Nomadic” look, from casual weekend wear to resort sophistication. Breezy rayon batiks designed exclusively for the American market, crisp silk linens, embroidered blouses, hand-painted linens, washable silk, dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts… the list goes on and on. With an unprecedented commitment to quality, Nomadic Traders pulls its inspiration from the cultures in half a dozen countries while keeping pace with global fashion trends.

A unique fashion experience geared towards women 30+ who are searching for on-trend fashions, Veronica G Boutique, which is conveniently located in Turkey Creek, is one of those very few boutiques that provides friendly, personal service, style, and exquisite offerings in fashions and accessories. So if your 2016 vacation planning is about to shift into high gear, I invite you to discover our many exciting lines of apparel and accessories to make your summer-of-fun plans complete.

Veronica G Boutique
11655 Parkside Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934

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