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Awakening for Women

EquinectionIt is impossible to ignore the message sent when a 1,500-pound horse turns and walks toward you. Perhaps this has never crossed your mind, but Karen Head, founder of Equinection, relies on this certainty to craft self-awareness programs that change lives. With her experienced guidance, people engage with 
the wondrous spirit of a horse and, from this, recognize their inner strength, insight, and wisdom.

Accordingly, a grounding premise of Karen’s work is: Our ability to connect with others depends fundamentally on our ability to connect with our true selves. This level of authentic presence and congruence impacts every aspect of our lives.

Awakening is an Equinection workshop that Karen designed specifically for women to deepen self-awareness by building relationships based on integrity and the truth of who they are.

“Horses are prey animals,” she said. “They are sensitive to body language, intention, and emotions.”

Their survival rests on trusting their instincts. Horses, by their nature, are curious, forgiving, and nonjudgmental. These innate qualities create aha-moments when a woman experiences authentic, immediate responses to her emotional and energetic presence.

Time and again, Karen witnesses women experiencing being one with a horse.

“This is when she identifies and easily releases thoughts and feelings that block her experience of joy,” said Karen. “This is when she finds strength in her innocence and stillness within truth.”

The interaction sheds light on all relationships and inspires profound personal growth.

“I have learned this one absolute in my work: Personal transformation can begin in a moment of sublime connection with a horse,” said Karen. “There are no words – just an experience of the truth of who you are. You know yourself as an essential part of the whole, unmistakably reflected in the calm and gentle eye of a horse. In this moment, one fulfills a fundamental human calling to live and interact from all that is beautiful.”

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