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Fancy Vents

The 15-Minute Remodel: Transform Any Room into a Work of Art

Air return vents are in all our homes; however, little is done to hide these necessary items. Those white vents aren’t things of beauty. You can’t cover them up or bury them behind furniture. Many homeowners resign themselves to the fact that they’ll just have to live with those eyesores.

Well, there’s a better way with Fancy Vents, who manufactures cast iron and steel cold air return vents. Cindy Moore co-founded the business with her late husband, Earl, a skilled metal artisan. He created the first “Fancy Vent” for their home in his basement shop. The decorative iron return air grill quickly became a popular conversation piece for visitors, and some suggested they sell the pieces. So, Cindy created flyers and placed them on mailboxes near her home. They began discussing the possibility of a real business opportunity when at least three months of orders poured in. By mid-2008, Fancy Vents, Inc. was born.

With more than 100 designs, there is a Fancy Vent to fit any décor. Choose from traditional designs such as the “Glory” panel and the “Gothic” or select a more contemporary piece such as the “Valenti” or the “Modern.” Also, iron wall covers and ceiling vent covers are available in six finishes and almost any size.

“We’ve created vents in standard and odd sizes,” said Cindy. “You can choose from existing designs, and we also build themed designs such as beach scenes for homes in Florida, Western themes for homes in Montana, and the Texas star for homes in Texas. If we can cast it, we can make it.”

It’s not just the quality workmanship that makes Fancy Vents shine. Their commitment and dedication to a high level of customer service from the design phase and beyond installation sets them apart. Keeping things personal and “made to order” is part of their business model.

The best part is the vents’ functionality. The vents are easy to clean, and you can open them with one finger so you don’t break your fingernails. All designs have been tested to ensure functionality and that they meet or exceed HVAC airflow specifications.

It seems that something that adds so much character to a home would be hard to install, but almost anyone can complete a DIY installation by watching the “15-Minute Remodel” video at

Fancy Vents

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