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A Wise Business Owner Has Many Counselors

By Tom Irmen

So just who should a small business owner look to as a wise counselor? Free advice is seemingly available from a never ending chorus of people, including the well-intentioned but uninformed and those individuals who possess the requisite experience required to help you make thoughtful, well-informed decisions.

Whether you’re new to self-employment or a seasoned veteran, you’ve already discovered that there is no shortage of people willing to offer their opinions on your decision to enter into or navigate the entrepreneurial marketplace. The lack of knowledge or expertise on the part of well-meaning individuals offering their advice is no barrier. But, as you will soon discover, those in the best position to offer their advice are seemingly more reserved. They tend to listen more and ask questions before offering you their opinions drawn from their years of accumulated wisdom.

Those with the best intentions often doubt whether you can succeed, while others may outright criticize your decisions. Keep in mind that the advice they offer is usually based on their own personal feelings of whether they could succeed in the small business marketplace that you have chosen for yourself.

Experienced or inexperienced, people are only sharing their opinions with you. They are neither right nor wrong. Sift through the information that you’ve received, separating the pearls of wisdom that can be helpful, and then ignore all the rest. Armed with the best information available, a well-thought out business model, dedication, and perseverance, let the voice in your head for your dream be louder than the sea of voices from everyone else.

However, avoid the pitfall of totally ignoring the advice of wise counselors. Believing that you have it “dialed-in” and that you’re the center of the universe is just as dangerous as accepting the advice of the uninformed.

Believe in what you’re doing, and pursue your dreams on your terms.

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