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First Impressions for the New Year

By Jeremy Akers, Owner of Revolution Concrete

If your home’s garage wasn’t so visible, you could easily ignore its dull, gray, chipped, cracked, and oil-stained concrete floor. But it is. It’s right up front for everybody to see each and every time you open your garage door.

Most homeowners investigate a variety of options to deal with their unsightly concrete garage floor. Perhaps you’ve tried cleaning or even painting your concrete. But if you’re like many homeowners, the paint you installed just one year ago has already begun to chip and peel.

Some homeowners have purchased the decorative epoxy concrete coating available at the big box stores that are labeled “just like the professionals use.” But unfortunately, many of these same homeowners have discovered that not all coatings are created equal, as their coatings begin to lift or flake from their car’s tires.

If you’re truly tired of your ugly concrete garage floor or other concrete surfaces – including walkways, concrete deck, and basement floors – but you want to avoid the DIY mistakes you’ve made in the past, I encourage you to call Revolution Concrete today. At Revolution Concrete, we use only the finest concrete floor coatings available – and not the coatings you’ll find at the big box stores. Our proprietary coatings combined with our state-of-the-art preparation and installation procedures will assure you of a level of quality that simply isn’t available anywhere else. From our decorative epoxy-based systems to our acid washed systems, Revolution Concrete will provide you with an attractive concrete surface that is affordable and that you can be proud of. How affordable? Probably a lot less than you’ll spend on your DIY alternative and the added cost of replacing it a year or two later.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions includes enhancing the appearance of your home’s concrete surfaces, I encourage you to call Revolution Concrete today. You might even be tempted to leave your garage door open just a bit longer.

Revolution Concrete

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