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Every small business owner knows that historical trends are an undeniable fact of life in the marketplace. In business, you will often experience both seasonal and holiday trends, which would be foolish to ignore. But it would be equally as foolish to assume that you can’t influence these trends or even create some new trends of your own. The ability to maneuver beyond existing seasonal, holiday, and industry trends is the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur.

Many retail store owners experience a much anticipated lull in sales after the holidays. So how about introducing a New Year’s Sale, an Inventory Clearance Sale, or After-the-Holidays Sales sale? I’ve seen clients initiate a wide range of innovative new ideas, including Christmas in July sale events, trunk shows, learning events, and fashion shows, all with the ultimate goal of increasing their sales. Unwilling to accept the inevitable seasonal declines in sales, they pushed forward with their own ideas on how to overcome these historical trends.

That’s not to say that each new idea will succeed. They won’t. But I’ve personally witnessed some incredible successes by a variety of entrepreneurs who themselves were pleasantly surprised by the results that they were able to produce. In fact, several of these successes were not new ideas at all. Some of them had been tried unsuccessfully by their competition. The difference was that some business owners quit prematurely on what might have otherwise been a great idea, whereas others exhibited a level of “stick-to-itive-ness” that ultimately resulted in success.

Do these new trend busting ideas mean that you double your January sales from last year? Not necessarily. But could you live with a 20% increase in sales over last year’s results?

To successfully establish new trends, you can’t be afraid to risk failure. One business owner, disappointed by the poor attendance at their learning seminars, contemplated dropping them altogether. But perseverance prevailed, and now they routinely host 40 to 60 people at these very successful seminars.

Why not make a resolution in 2016 to buck the trends? Survey your competitive landscape in search of innovative, new ideas that could result in increased sales for your small business in the New Year. What do you have to lose?

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