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Would You Like to Wear Contact Lenses? What’s Stopping You?

Premier EyecareThere are many reasons why people give up wearing or don’t ever try wearing contact lenses. Comfort and vision are of equal importance when considering contact lenses. If both aren’t acceptable, it is easy to give up on contact lenses and rely on glasses alone for clear vision.

Traditional soft contact lenses and rigid gas-permeable lenses have each had their shortcomings when dealing with astigmatism and presbyopia. Soft toric lenses can shift on the eye, causing unstable vision. Rigid gas-permeable lenses can be uncomfortable. Now we have a much better option for those who have either given up on contact lenses or have not been happy with the vision or comfort they currently get from their contact lenses.

Duette Progressives are the latest generation of hybrid contact lenses that combine the comfort of soft lenses with the clear, stable vision of rigid gas permeable lenses. Duette Progressive’s rigid center delivers crisp, clear vision at all distances to let you focus on near objects, as well as enhancing intermediate and distance vision. With Duette Progressive, you can live focused… any time… any distance!

The primary requirements to be successful with contact lenses are clear vision, comfort, and health. Duette Progressives provide crystal clear vision at all distances, advanced materials that are highly permeable to oxygen and contain UV blockers, and are very comfortable for all-day wear.

For optimal success, it is best to find an eye doctor who is very experienced in fitting these types of lenses. Dr. Brent Fry of Premier Eyecare has fit more than a thousand patients with hybrid contact lenses during the past 10 years. He is currently one of a few select doctors in the country who is on the SynergEyes advisory board to help other doctors around the country learn how to fit these unique lenses. He is also a beta tester for a new hybrid contact lens developed for keratoconus. His experience and passion for fitting contact lenses provides an excellent opportunity for anyone in the Knoxville area looking to be free from glasses.

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