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Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center

Committed to Putting You First

Knoxville Comprehensive Breast CenterKnoxville Comprehensive Breast Center, or KCBC, was the fulfillment of a dream of Dr. Kamila Kozlowski.

“Our goal was to transform the often fragmented and inefficient delivery of women’s breast healthcare and replace it with the most innovative and technologically advanced diagnostic equipment and procedures available, all delivered in a caring and compassionate setting,” said Dr. Kozlowski. In contrast to the multiple visits and specialists most women experience during routine breast cancer screening, KCBC was designed to deliver these same services, all in one day and in a single setting, including consultation, prior to leaving our office.”

Since its founding in 1983, becoming the first independent breast center in Tennessee and today one of the very few nationwide, KCBC remains focused on delivering streamlined, cost-effective, quality breast healthcare in the most women-friendly setting available.

While there are a number of unique services that you’ll discover at KCBC, here are a few that truly differentiate their comprehensive breast health center.

» All images are read by an on-site KCBC Clinical Breast Radiologist that is dedicated to breast imaging. This means that when you have a breast problem that you are concerned about, you will receive the results of your screening during the same visit. There is no need to wait for images to be sent to off-site radiologists that are often located out of state.

» KCBC radiologists are available to consult with you during your visit to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. That means that you no longer need to wait for, or go without, answers to your most important questions.

» KCBC is a local, woman-owned small business that is also an independent facility not associated with any hospital. Every patient is treated with the respect and dignity that every individual deserves and experiences a level of compassionate care that used to be so common in the medical field but isn’t often found in healthcare today.

» Not the fragmented and inefficient system of breast healthcare most women have become accustomed to, KCBC offers mammography, breast ultrasound, MRI, fine needle biopsy, surgery, high-risk assessment, treatment planning, and mastectomy prosthesis all in a single location.

If you or a loved one is in search of a comprehensive breast healthcare experience that is totally dedicated to putting you first, we would like to invite you to discover the difference that Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center can make in your life.

Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center
1400 Dowell Springs Blvd, Suite 200
Knoxville, TN 37909

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