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Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine

MonaLisa Touch®

Restoring Health, Renewing Hope

Institute for Female Pelvic MedicineMonaLisa Touch® is the most exciting and important technology advancement for female pelvic floor health in nearly 20 years. This office-based fractional CO2 laser therapy is restoring pelvic health and renewing hope for thousands of patients.

Breast cancer survivors are often unable to take estrogens and experience progressive difficulty with atrophy, vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, and daily discomfort. This deterioration in quality of life is discouraging for patients who have already gone through great difficulty to beat their breast cancer. Such was the case for Carolyn Mitchell before treatment with MonaLisa Touch®.

“Shortly after my first MonaLisa Touch® treatment I noticed improvement,” said Carolyn. “I felt less dry and irritated and experienced more daily comfort. As time has passed, I am still enjoying the added improvement in bladder function and decreased urinary frequency. It is exciting that there is a treatment option available with no risk to all females, including breast cancer survivors.”

Lichen Sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory disease that causes itching, burning, pain, and scarring of vulvar tissue and often creates daily misery for patients. Other than topical steroid creams, there has been little else to offer these patients. Linda Wallace experienced four years of pain and difficulty in spite of using all conventional therapy before treatment with MonaLisa Touch® dual probe therapy.

“The MonaLisa Touch® has been a ray of hope in a desperate situation,” said Linda. “It has already stopped the terrible itching that Lichen Sclerosus causes, and my hope is for continued improvement with the MonaLisa Touch® procedure. My desire is that it will slow or, better yet, completely stop the progression of the condition so I can continue to have my already improved quality of life moving forward. I strongly urge anyone with Lichen Sclerosus to make an appointment with the Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine and discuss this with Dr. Dell or Dr. McCollum. It could be life changing for you, just as it has been for me.”

Nearly half of all women suffer from dryness and vulvarovaginal atrophy, now called Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM). As the new terminology implies, urinary discomfort, urgency frequency, burning, and incontinence are often part of this condition. Even for patients who are able to use estrogen therapies, these symptoms are often not adequately treated. These symptoms often worsen progressively over time.

Lisa Hardin, an active, healthy wife and mother, experienced many of these symptoms, and reduced overall quality of life was the result. Having had only the first of three office-based treatment sessions thus far, she is already noticing significant improvement.

“When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is,” said Lisa. “This was my first thought while researching the MonaLisa Touch® as a treatment option for my menopausal symptoms. I couldn’t believe that three easy, quick, and painless treatments could improve my quality of life so much. My homework led me to Dr. Dell at the Institute for Female Pelvic Medicine. Dr. Dell’s impressive credentials in this field of female pelvic medicine, along with his nationally recognized expertise as one of only three training centers in the United States for the MonaLisa Touch® procedure, confirmed my decision to have this treatment at the Institute. No regrets here; I am more than thrilled with the results already!”

To learn how MonaLisa Touch® can restore your health and renew your hope, call 865-769-4488 or visit

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