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An Emotional Transformation

The wearable solution for women with fine or thinning hair

Garde Bien SpaSalonOur hair is our most versatile fashion accessory, as it goes with every outfit we select. It’s an integral part of our self-esteem and self-image; great hair is often the difference between self-confidence and self-consciousness and can be the difference between enjoying a night on the town and staying home.

Until recently no add-on hair systems have ever really addressed the top and crown of the head. For women with fine, thin hair – whether the result of chemotherapy, an imbalance of hormones, blood thinner/pressure medicine, thyroid problems, menopause, stress, or simply being born with the thin hair gene – there traditionally have been few options.

“Many of our Evolve Volumizer clients are recovering from chemotherapy and the side effect of hair loss. Once medically released, a woman can have a volumizer and retain her hairstyle while her hair returns to her original style,” said Stacey Handel, owner of Garde Bien, who specializes in a variety of hair replacement options.

The Evolve Volumizer is a nonsurgical, integrated hair replacement system. It consists of 100% human hair that’s lightweight and conforms to the shape of the top and crown of your head. It can be worn up to five weeks before being removed and replaced. It can be cut to your individual style and blow-dried, ironed (curl and flat), dried naturally, braided, tucked behind your ear, or put up into a pony or chignon.

The Evolve Volumizer addresses all the needs and wants a woman has for fuller, thicker, denser hair. It produces immediate results and requires no glue, adhesives, or chemicals. It can also be integrated with our new Evolve Extensions+ to add length. Extensions+ are also non-invasive, non-damaging, non-chemical, or adhesive. Because of their revolutionary design, they can be installed in half the time with no glue or removers.

Stacey trains other stylists nationally on the use of this unique hair system and has the distinction of being honored as an Elite Evolve Salon. She’s also a National Evolve Educator and a member of the American Hair Loss Council.

“I love working with human hair options for women, which allows us to create a hairstyle that’s virtually undetectable and the most natural,” she said. “Garde Bien also provides a variety of other human hair wig options featuring the finest quality hair in the world, including Follea, whose wigs and hair pieces are the most beautiful I’ve ever touched.”

To learn more, call me to discover how my 38 years of experience and today’s hair replacement options can meet your or a loved one’s needs. You’ll experience an all-new and revitalized you – all delivered by our compassionate and caring staff in a discrete and private setting.

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