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By Christine Sparks, Realty Executives & Associates

Realty Executives & Luxe HomesBuilding a home is overwhelming. You stay up late at night staring at floor plans until your eyes cross and your brain hurts.

Before you lock in the contract and start pouring the foundation, here are a few items for your consideration:

  • Do you have a hallway or intersection with overlapping doors knocking into each other? Solution to consider: Pocket doors.
  • Multiple spaces allocated to dining: Do you really need a formal dining room, breakfast room, and a breakfast bar? Solution: Consolidate space with an open floor plan. Create a cohesive arrangement with a family room/kitchen/dining combination.
  • Windows in the corner of a room leave inadequate corner space. Solution: Window jamb needs to be a minimum of 8” from a corner to accommodate window treatments of 18” to 24” if you need room for furniture.
  • Installing every gadget: There is little return on your investment in this category. They often fade out or become obsolete. Solution: Smart stations/charging stations are all the rage. Place these in a cabinet or drawer so they are not in plain sight when no longer in use.

The following may not make the most sense long term, but live a little! They will certainly add that touch of personality that’s fundamental in a custom home.

  • Use a bold color with the kitchen cabinetry: Make sure to counter balance with a lighter, neutral tone
  • Industrial lighting: Clear glass and old-fashioned style bare bulbs, rivets, or other industrial hardware and wire caging
  • Luxe metallics: Warmer metals, like gold, copper, and bronze, will have their moment to shine
  • As a special gift to you: My favorite new color trend – Peacock blue/Behr paint name is Essential Teal

If the thought of planning your new home is overwhelming, contact us for an informal consultation.

Christine Sparks
Realty Executives & Associates


Jenny Blalock
Luxe Homes & Design


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