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Everything’s Coming Up Strawberries
By Jason Crippen, Owner of Svelte Body Contouring

Svelte Body Contouring

You’ve tried everything, including diets, exercise, wraps, and more, but nothing seems to work. A growing number of both women and men are asking themselves the same question: How can I lose those inches that are preventing me from attaining the younger, more youthful appearance I once had?

At Svelte Body Contouring, we like to say that “everything’s coming up strawberries” because of our new, state-of-the-art Strawberry Laser from Lila. This revolutionary body contouring laser literally helps you shape your way to fitness, health, and a happier lifestyle. Also, our laser provides inch loss with the very first treatment, motivating you to stay on track.

But best of all, the Strawberry Laser 20-minute treatment from Lila is:
» Non-invasive
» Painless
» FDA approved
» Medically directed
» No downtime for recovery
» Offers guaranteed/instant results

Is it really possible to lose inches with every treatment? Understandably, that’s the question most frequently asked by our clients. The answer is yes. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll lose inches that you’ll pay nothing if your treatment doesn’t produce results.

Here’s how the Strawberry procedure works. At the beginning of your first treatment, measurements are taken of your treatment area. Completely painless, the treatment requires only 20 minutes, during which time you can read, watch TV, or just relax. The unique Strawberry Laser works by safely expelling water, fatty acids, and glycerol from your fat cells, causing them to shrink and ultimately be carried out of your body in your urine. After your treatment, you can simply return to your normal activities.

FDA approved, the Strawberry Laser will not harm surrounding structures, vessels, or nerves. All you have to lose are the inches and the pounds.

While you’re visiting Svelte Body Contouring, I invite you to explore the many other services we offer, including:

» Teeth whitening
» Esthetician services
» Aesthetic/cosmetic medicine
» Nerium skincare

So if you’re ready to rediscover the thinner, more youthful you and perhaps jump back into your skinny jeans, I encourage you to experience the revolutionary Strawberry Laser that will leave a thinner you with every visit. What are you waiting for?

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