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The Power of the Testimonial

By Tom Irmen

More than a few advertisers think that testimonials are corny, while others overuse them to the point where they are largely ignored, and a mere handful use them well.

The main advantage that a great testimonial offers is the opportunity for a perceived objective user of your company’s product or service to offer his or her truthful feedback on their experience. To accomplish this, offer your client some helpful guidance. Ask for their feedback as it relates to specifics. Say, their responses to specific questions related to those key characteristics that successfully differentiate your company from your competitors. Also consider inserting a photo of your client using your product or service into their testimonial.

Don’t over edit your testimonials. You may have a degree in communications, but a testimonial delivered in your customer’s own words makes it more believable.

You can also use a testimonial to overcome perceived consumer objections. Let’s say that you are relatively new in your field, and your competition is using that as an objection. A customer testimonial describing your experience, knowledge, and training can become an effective tool in overcoming this perceived objection.

Another important consideration to keep in mind when making use of testimonials is their authenticity. The use of the initials of the person offering the testimonial and the absence of a location places the authenticity of the testimonial very much in doubt and can actually be a negative, which can result in negative and unintended consequences.

Testimonials have the ability to create powerful and positive impressions on potential and existing customers when done properly. Done improperly, they can have the reverse outcome. The difference between a great and mediocre testimonial rests with you and requires only a small amount of planning on your part.

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