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With the Stroke of Your Brush

By Kristi Hickey, Co-Owner of Consign To Design

consign-to-designYou can’t deny the growing popularity of decorative paintings of everything, including chairs, benches, bookcases, china cabinets, end tables, picture frames, dressers – you name it. Today’s paint options have opened up a rainbow of possibilities for DIY’ers as they transform ordinary furniture into extraordinary furniture with just a stroke of the brush.

Chalk paint, which is one of the most popular choices of DIY’ers for more than a decade, is facing stiff competition from a variety of competitors – most notably Blackberry House Paint. Blackberry House Paint, available exclusively here in the Knoxville area at Consign To Design, is a chalk-free, water-based paint featuring custom pigments that offer a variety of features far superior to existing chalk paints in today’s marketplace, including:

» Chalk-free
» No VOC’s
» No pre-sanding or stripping necessary
» Superior adhesion
» Purely pigmented for true colors
» Dries free of brush strokes
» Easy to distress wet or dry
» Minimal airborne residue
» Can be used indoors

As if this weren’t reason enough, just wait until you discover our prices, which are approximately 25% less than the paints you are probably already using.

But it gets even better. Available in 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. containers, you can now save even more by buying just the amount you need and no more. Because Blackberry House Paint covers most applications in just a single coat, you’ll use far less paint than competitive brands that typically require two coats.

With Blackberry House Paints, you can beautifully transform your favorite piece more safely, with far less effort, superior adhesion, and free of brush strokes – all at incredible savings. To learn more about Blackberry House Paint, to discover our rainbow of available true colors, or to learn about our instructional seminars, call or visit us at Consign To Design, visit us online, or like us on Facebook.

Blackberry House Paint – Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary at the stroke of a brush.

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