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Bye Bye Ink Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Regret?

Bye Bye InkWhat might have seemed to be a great idea only years earlier has come back to haunt millions of Americans who are now looking for a viable option to remove unwanted tattoos. Also, the recent tattoo policy released by the U.S. Army threatens to block acceptance by many new recruits hoping to join the military.

But thanks to new, state-of-the-art technology offered exclusively by Bye Bye Ink, you can now successfully remove unwanted tattoos safely and effectively. Using the amazing new PicoSureTM laser technology, Knoxville-based Bye Bye Ink, located at 10732 Hardin Valley Road, now offers individuals wishing to eliminate unwanted tattoos the solution they’ve been looking for.

Bye Bye Ink is Knoxville’s only dedicated laser tattoo removal spa. Using the patented PicoSureTM laser technology, the first of its kind in Tennessee and the world’s first and only picosecond aesthetic laser cleared by the FDA, Bye Bye Ink offers the perfect solution to those who thought their unwanted tattoos were indeed permanent.

“This amazing, new technology is a real breakthrough in tattoo and brown spot removal,” said Bye Bye Ink Laser Specialist, Lauren Brown. “PicoSureTM helps those with unwanted tattoos achieve visibly clearer, ink- and spot-free skin faster. Even difficult colors such as blues and greens, as well as previously treated tattoos, can be removed in fewer treatments with better clearance and improved recovery time.”

PicoSureTM uses state-of-the-art PressureWaveTM technology to deliver ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin to create a photomechanical effect that targets ink while avoiding unmarked tissue. PressureWaveTM shatters the ink into tiny, dust-like particles that are easily eliminated from the body, resulting in clearer skin with fewer treatments without injuring the surrounding skin.

“I noticed changes within the first week after having my laser tattoo removal with the PicoSureTM laser,” said Bye Bye Ink client, Andrea C. “I had the treatment on two tattoos. One was more than 18 years old, and after my treatment, it is quickly fading away. I would recommend Bye Bye Ink’s services to anyone who is wanting to remove a tattoo they regret.”

If you or someone you know are experiencing tattoo regret, why not let the PicoSureTM specialists at Bye Bye Ink help you eliminate those unwanted tattoos? All it takes is a phone call to 865-474-7900 to set up your no cost, no obligation consultation, or visit them online at

Bye Bye Ink is also proud to offer a very special 10% laser tattoo removal package discount to all active duty and retired military personnel as their way of thanking you for your service to our country.

Bye Bye Ink
10732 Hardin Valley Road
Knoxville, TN 37932

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