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Say Goodbye to Your Home’s Ugly Cold Air Returns

By Jarrod Lickliter, L&M Ornamental Iron Co. Inc.

LM Ornamental IronI’ve noticed it, and I’m sure you have as well. You visit someone’s new home, and almost immediately this huge, unsightly cold air return jumps out at you from amongst freshly painted walls, beautiful woodwork, new furnishings, carefully placed home décor items, and newly hung wall art. There’s no simpler way to put it – cold air returns are hideous, and there are few, if any, ways to camouflage them.

There are a few items on the market, but they can be expensive and are often unavailable in the sizes, styles, or colors you want. That is, until now.

Knoxville-based L&M Ornamental Iron Co. was started by my family in 1954, and we have been providing the East Tennessee community with quality railing, gates, security doors, mailbox stands, fencing, balconies, and spiral staircases. During the past 60 years, our family has strived to create new trends that will become classic décor in homes for years or even decades to come. Our newest adventure is providing Knoxville with locally-crafted ornamental iron cold air returns to replace those unsightly cold air returns that detract from your home’s interior design.

L&M’s new Extrava-vents are individually handcrafted to your exact specifications locally here in Knoxville. It couldn’t be easier or more affordable. Similar products have starting prices exceeding $400! All standard size Extrava-vents, regardless of style or color, are only $299. If you mention Everything Knoxville when ordering, we’ll give you $50 off. That’s only $249 per Extrava-vent for your very own hand-crafted cold air returns. If you need a custom sized Extrava-vent, no problem! Since we create these by hand here in Knoxville, we can accommodate almost any custom order.

Trusted by East Tennesseans for 60 years, why not let my family, L&M Ornamental Iron Co. Inc., custom craft ornamental cold air returns for your home? For all your ornamental iron needs, call us at 865-523-2394.

L&M Ornamental Iron Co. Inc.

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