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Things to Know Before Purchasing a Retractable Awning

By Christian Cain, Owner of Camel Custom Canvas Shop

There are a great many reasons homeowners purchase a retractable awning. Oftentimes people are trying to reduce the ultraviolet rays that can damage their home’s interior and furnishings. Some try to reduce their utility bills. Others make their outdoor living areas more enjoyable by reducing their direct exposure to the sun. It’s like adding an outdoor room! Whatever the reason, many homeowners are confused by the large selection of retractable awnings they have to select from and the many conflicting claims made by manufacturers and distributors.

I feel that I offer a rather unique perspective of the retractable awning industry that may be of benefit to you should you be considering a retractable awning. At Camel Custom Canvas Shop, we have been manufacturing and installing custom-made retractable awnings for 30 years. All we purchase is the fabric and the hardware. We manufacture our retractable awnings one at a time to meet the individual needs of each of our customers. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach.

Several years ago I investigated the different retractable awning options that were available to homeowners and actually decided to become a distributor for one of the better nationally known retractable awning companies. I was amazed by their national advertising campaigns and the potential for new business that this opportunity presented.

But my experiences with this brand of retractable awnings led me to discontinue my distributorship at the end of its term. I discovered that the promised savings to the homeowner was often elusive. Homeowners were often offered limited options and upgrades, frequently resulting in these retractable awnings costing far more than other higher quality, custom-made retractable awnings that were available. I also discovered that these companies typically had full-time representatives whose only job was to handle homeowner complaints and quality related issues.

Conversely, in our 30 years of experience, we have only had to replace four retractable awnings. Our superior quality, attention to detail, professional installation, and after-the-sale service has produced a level of customer satisfaction that has exceeded most homeowners’ expectations.

Considering a retractable awning? Give Camel Custom Canvas Shop a call today!

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