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Educational and Behavioral Solutions for Back-to-School Success

By Philip K. Axtell, Ph.D., HSP, NCSP

Back-to-school time is stressful for all families and children, especially those with learning and behavioral difficulties. Academic, learning, and behavioral difficulties in the classroom that may have gone unnoticed in the summer are starting to show again this year, and teachers and parents are taking notice.

If your child is having educational difficulties, let us help. We offer comprehensive behavioral and learning evaluations and testing to determine the causes of your child’s difficulties in the classroom, including evaluations for ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, intellectual disabilities, learning problems, and other conditions that affect an individual’s academic success. Having the knowledge of why your child is not doing well is the beginning of a successful road to treatment that empowers parents and informs practitioners to make the best treatment options available.

In addition to comprehensive psychological testing and assessment, we also offer academic intervention for struggling readers. Our scientifically based and research backed interventions have proven successful for many learning difficulties. Our academic interventions are different than traditional tutoring in that we do not address your child’s weakness in a particular subject area, but our Educational Psychologist works on the core deficits of reading that will improve your child’s skills in all academic areas that require good reading skills. As the interventions are proceeding, we monitor the process of your child’s growth and track their progress over time. This allows us to work together to either continue with the intervention currently in place or make adjustments as needed. Whether your child has a learning disability or is just behind their classmates, our interventions can help improve their skills.

The back-to-school season is a great time to begin interventions to start your child on the road to success. Whether your child is already suffering from a learning disability or you suspect your child may have a learning problem, we can help identify their difficulties and start intervening.

At Family Psychology Group, our psychologists can assess and intervene. To schedule an appointment with our psychologists, call 865-247-4055 or visit

Philip K. Axtell, Ph.D., HSP, NCSP
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