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H2OUT Waterproofing

By Staci Hutchison

If your home or business’s basement, crawlspace, or foundation had a water problem, then this year’s excessive rainfall will likely have already made that abundantly clear. The question that remains, however, is what do you do about it?

Moisture problems can wreak havoc on both your home and business’s structure as well as create a variety of health problems arising from mold, mildew, and more. Most homeowners or business owners, in searching for a solution, turn to either the Yellow Pages or online search engines. While there are a number of reputable waterproofing firms in the Knoxville area, not every company offers the same level of expertise, experience, or options.

That’s why my husband, Scott, and I launched H2OUT Waterproofing. As a Tennessee licensed general contractor, and with experience working for several of the area’s best known names in the waterproofing industry, we decided to introduce an entirely new concept in home and business waterproofing.

First, H2OUT Waterproofing employs no commissioned salespeople. That means you only pay for services we provide and not needless sales commissions that add to the cost of waterproofing.

Second, H2OUT Waterproofing makes no recommendations until your home or business’s structure has been thoroughly evaluated and inspected by Scott, a Tennessee licensed general contractor. Our competitors may have good intentions, but a commissioned salesperson is no substitute for a knowledgeable, licensed contractor who can make an informed evaluation of your home or business.

Third, H2OUT Waterproofing offers a full range of waterproofing services, including crawlspace waterproofing and encapsulation, basement waterproofing, and foundation repair. We believe that your home or business’s water problem is unique, calling for a unique solution, not just the one-size-fits-all solution offered by many waterproofing companies.

» No commissioned salespeople!
» Tennessee licensed general contractor!
» No one-size-fits-all solution!

Do you have a water problem? Eliminate your water problems once and for all – guaranteed! Why trust your home to a commissioned salesperson who only offers a one-size-fits-all solution? Insist on H2OUT Waterproofing, and keep water out permanently.

H2OUT Waterproofing

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