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Keeping in Touch with Your Customers, One Month a Time

By Gavin Baker


​When is the last time you contacted your customers or clients directly? If you’re like most businesses, you haven’t in the last few months. You’ve thought about it, you’ve considered sending them a postcard or maybe even calling them, but one thing led to another and you just didn’t get it done.

I know we all get busy, but think about it for a second: one of the most important assets you have as a business is your customers! These are people who have already paid you for your product or service and with a little nudge, they’ll come back again.

So the question is, what are you doing today to connect with your customers and help them so they keep coming back to you?

Think about the companies and businesses you like and esteem. Do you like it when you walk into your favorite restaurant and they greet you by name? Or when your CPA sends you an article she read and thought you might find interesting? Of course! You feel cared for, you have a favorable memory of them, and you recommend them to your friends. Isn’t this something you want for your business?

You pour your blood, sweat, and tears into acquiring each new customer. I want to help you keep them coming back.

So what’s that nudge I mentioned? It is communication. Our customers want to hear from us when we have relevant and timely ideas for them. It might be a reminder to clean out their gutters or an explanation of how the home energy tax credits work. Not only does this remind your customers about you, but it helps them be successful.

The most affordable method to communicate these ideas with your customers and clients is with an email. Two-thirds of adults say that email is their preferred method of communication with a business, and almost every customer you have has an email address.

Many people find email marketing challenging. It’s hard to allocate the time, figure out what to say, design the email, and get it sent. My business, Greenlight, offers affordable email newsletter services. We create custom design and content for each customer and handle the sending.

We handle all the work, and you reap the benefits! 


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