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Half Point Management, LLC

Your Solution to Navigating Financial Uncertainty

By John Lowrey, Founder of Half Point Management, LLC

For most investors, these last eight years might be best described as tumultuous. Many of us have lost principal on our investments while others have made the decision to remain on the sideline until the uncertainty of financial markets subside, only to watch markets climb to historic highs.

As a financial advisor with more than 25 years of investment experience, I have witnessed many financial ebbs and flows, but few as calamitous as the current one. Government bailouts of industrial and financial institutions once regarded as bellwethers, gross-mismanagement and wrong doing, and unprecedented federal intervention into the marketplace have all come together to create a level of uncertainty and, yes, mistrust among today’s investors. Yet we must move forward.

It was in response to this uncertainty with the knowledge that investors still needed to move forward that I created Half Point Management, LLC. A no-nonsense, low cost approach to comprehensive wealth management for both businesses and individuals, Half Point Management is committed to helping each of its clients navigate the uncertainty of tomorrow’s financial marketplaces.

Our performance-driven money management services are provided on a flat fee basis per account. A $100,000 account pays $35 monthly, which does not change during the years as your account grows. Also, our trading platform is designed to maximize execution while minimizing expenses.

Equity trades pay a fee of only a half a cent share with a one dollar minimum. You’ll have access to equities, options, forex, ETF, and no-load mutual funds, and we are available to provide as little or as much assistance as needed. We offer online webinars to increase your personal knowledge and comfort with the new normal.

If you’re like me and you’re ready to look beyond the past while poised to take full advantage of future opportunities with a partner committed to your success and not loaded with unnecessary and expensive fees, I invite you to call me today to discover what our quarter of a century of experience can do for you and your family.

Half Point Management, LLC
200 Prosperity Drive
Knoxville, TN 37923

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