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Precision Painting

By John Carver

As often happens in life, our careers can take many turns. Upon graduating from the University of Tennessee, I pursued a career in both the insurance and finance arenas, but soon afterwards I returned to my residential painting career that I first launched as a part-time venture as a 17-year-old Farragut High School senior.

I have to credit my father for my early success. He instilled in me a strong work ethic from a very early age which remains with me to this day. It not only influences the quality of the work I perform, but can also be seen in the quality and professionalism in the craftsmen I hire.

Precision Painting has no sales people. I answer my own phone. I return calls promptly. I schedule my own appointments. I visit each and every homeowner, prepare my own quotes in a timely manner, and personally supervise each and every project, performing some of the work myself.

My painters are experienced craftsmen. They are non-tobacco users and are at least 30 years of age. I check out each employee and ensure that they share both my work ethic and commitment to quality, honesty, and integrity.

Another thing that we do which is unique in the industry is to provide each homeowner with a list of current references.

An uncommon commitment to a strong work ethic, quality, professionalism, safe and clean worksite, integrity, and honesty are what each homeowner deserves and can expect from Precision Painting. That’s why satisfied customers from more than 20 years ago continue to use and recommend our company.

For an unparalleled experience on your next home painting project, and for the peace of mind you deserve, I invite you to discover for yourself the Precision Painting difference.

Precision Painting

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