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The Shrimp Dock

The Shrimp Dock

The area’s only fresh seafood market provides unsurpassed customer service, customer loyalty program, senior discounts, and – coming soon – daily live lobsters and New England’s legendary lobster rolls

Many home cooks mistakenly assume that fish is difficult to prepare, when, in fact, there’s nothing more simple than delicious, fresh fish with a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper. When you visit The Shrimp Dock, the experienced staff can not only teach you how to prepare fish, but they are experienced professionals who can recommend a menu complete with recipes. At each Shrimp Dock location (Bearden, Farragut, and Alcoa), the managers and sales crew are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the seafood business. They order specifically for their individual store; they each have developed a relationship with the neighborhood in which the store is located and know many of their customers by name. Just let them know what your favorites are, and they’ll call you when that item is in stock, even if it’s something as specific as fish heads that you want to use for homemade fish stock.

Know Your Seafood Source. Unlike big box stores, The Shrimp Dock still does business locally and has a personal relationship with customers and – most importantly – provides the best product, almost always fresh, never frozen, responsibly fished, and domestically sourced from Alaska, the Gulf, Florida, and New England. They order seafood daily and receive shipments six days a week, including a full selection of clams, oysters, crabs, and lobsters, and if they don’t have an item, they will gladly special order it for you.

Special Dietary Needs. Whether you have a special dietary need, such as recovering heart patients who need a lean and healthy diet or people who are committed to a low calorie regime, The Shrimp Dock can help you prepare a varied and interesting diet plan.

Frequent Buyer Reward Card. The Shrimp Dock offers a Frequent Buyer Reward card in all three stores. As an appreciation to regular customers, they offer a free pound of 31-35 shrimp after ten $10 purchases of seafood from the market. With so many choices of fresh fin fish, shellfish, soups, dips, salads, quiche, and specialty items from which to choose, it is really easy to accumulate enough punches on the card to reach the bonus pound of shrimp.

Senior Discount Days. For those over 60, The Shrimp Dock offers Senior Discount Day every Wednesday – a 10% discount on everything in the store, including lunch! Make a big shopping trip of your visit and stock up for a few days, or fill the freezer with an assortment of their homemade soups. In fact, bring in your cooler and they will gladly pack your purchases in ice for the drive home.

Exclusive Live Crawfish and Eva’s Cakes. In addition to daily deliveries of fresh fish, The Shrimp Dock is the only local source for live crawfish every Thursday, from now until July 4th, and the exclusive provider of Eva’s Cakes, seasonally available or by special order.

Shrimp Boil Season. Plan now for the upcoming Shrimp Boil season. Let The Shrimp Dock cater your larger events (graduation parties, church outings, tailgating, etc.), or you can get a shrimp boil “to go”: they will pack the entire supply list for you and even loan you the 60 quart pot and burner. The “how-to” instructions will tell you by the minute how to prepare and cook all of the ingredients: shrimp, corn, new potatoes, Andouille sausage, garlic, lemons, and their special spice. All you have to supply is the water and propane… and the beverage of your choice. This meal is a natural for any gathering, especially parties and graduations.

Sunday Hours in Alcoa. Of note to the customers in the Alcoa and Maryville markets, The Shrimp Dock in Alcoa has added Sunday hours for your convenience, after listening to customer requests. The market is open from 11 am to 4 pm, and lunch is served from 11:30 am until 3 pm each Sunday, making them a great resource for Sunday night dinner on the grill. Also, keep an eye out for upcoming cooking classes in all three locations soon.

The Shrimp Dock

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