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Illusions By Design

Illusions by Design

If your home’s kitchen is the principle gathering place for friends and family when they visit as it is in most American homes, why haven’t you recreated that dream kitchen “look” that your kitchen once had when your home was new? For most of us, it’s cost. Or maybe it’s the construction mess.

Whatever the reason for putting off that new kitchen you’ve waited so patiently for, your wait is over. The solution is simple: call artist Cheryl Travis, owner and founder of Illusions by Design, and discover how she can transform existing cabinetry, walls, ceilings, and furniture using both faux and decorative finishes. You’ll be amazed just how easy and affordable it is to refurbish your existing cabinetry and furniture at just a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Discover your dream kitchen “look” you desire by calling Cheryl today!

Illusions by Design

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