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Cakery Bakery

By Kim Rozanski, Co-Owner

Why not transform your next event into an extraordinary event with a one-of-a-kind, theme-inspired cake or cupcakes from our mother/daughter boutique bakery, Cakery Bakery? Why settle for the generic sheet cake from the neighborhood big-box food store when we can design a cake or cupcakes that you’ve personally inspired? Let our passion for baking fashion become the highlight of your next wedding, anniversary, graduation, birthday, or engagement event.

How about a “smash” cake? You heard me right. How else would you describe what your one-year-old will likely do to their first birthday cake? It’s their day, so let them enjoy it in true toddler fashion with a “smash” cake from our ovens at Cakery Bakery.

At Cakery Bakery, each one of our cakes and cupcakes are a one-of-a-kind creation, a work of art inspired by you, designed and baked by us, which you can be assured will become the focus of your upcoming event or party.

With the holidays approaching and guests arriving, and with all of the preparation required, why not let us create that special Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s treat for your visitors? Also, don’t forget your special engagement cake to celebrate engagement announcements over the holidays.

Are you ready to transform your ordinary events into extraordinary events? Then discover the difference that Cakery Bakery can make in your party planning.

Cakery Bakery

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