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How I Got My Groove Back
By Cindi Alpert

I don’t know if it was stress related, the change in weather, or just the end of summer blues that hit me, but something wasn’t right. I felt out of whack, emotionally and physically. I found it hard to focus, tough to fall asleep at night, and yet I could barely keep my eyes open every day after picking my daughter up at the bus stop. Something definitely wasn’t right. Like most working parents, I was being pulled in so many directions with no sense of equilibrium.

I decided to seek some professional help. This was a tough thing for me given that I like to think of myself as Wonder Woman meets the Energizer Bunny. Come to think of it, that would make for a cute Halloween costume. My first stop was my trusted friend and “life coach to the stars.” We’ll call her Dana because she prefers to remain anonymous. You may be wondering how one becomes a “life coach to the stars.” Dana is gorgeous, fit, smart, educated, drives a really nice car, and has a smokin’ hot boyfriend. What qualifies her to be a life coach? I mean, really. If I’m going to take advice from a life coach, I want it to be someone who has been through some stuff. You know, like a nasty divorce, overcoming an illness, loss of a business, or even a couple stints in rehab. But there I was, taking advice from my “close to perfect and trusted friend,” Dana.

After a very long conversation, Dana had come to a conclusion. She said in very plain terms that I needed to CLEAN IT UP. She was talking about my office, my schedule, my eating habits, my drinking habits… my life. Whoa Dana, now I’m a little offended. Who are YOU to tell me? Oh, wait a minute, I asked for this. I was pretty impressed when she laid out a very well thought-out comprehensive plan of action for me. In a nutshell, she advised me to seek out some professionals in a few key areas.

First, I went for a checkup and discussed my plans to make some real changes over the next 30 days. After getting my blood work back, I learned I was anemic. This was a big surprise to me, but also explains a lot about the way I’ve been feeling. Fortunately, taking a good iron supplement along with some dietary changes made for an easy fix. Once I got that worked out, I got the green light to follow Dana’s plan.

Next, I met with Sherry Fetzer, a nurse practitioner at Performance Medicine. Sherry looked at what I was eating and put me on a clean eating plan for 30 days. She also gave me some great tips on keeping my energy levels up. I checked in with her once a week, got the support and counseling I needed, and learned a whole new way of eating. There was no doubt about it, I definitely needed to get educated, clean up my diet, cut out the alcohol for a while, and incorporate regular exercise.

Then, I attended an eWomenNetwork seminar featuring guest speaker and certified productivity specialist, Nancy Hagan. Yes, there are coaches for that out there as well. Nancy is dedicated to implementing simple yet powerful systems that quickly impact efficiency, productivity, and profitability, freeing you up to do what you do best. I really got a lot out of this seminar, but there was one simple procrastination tip that resonated with me. Nancy suggested that you time yourself with a stopwatch for 20 minutes each day and do something you have been putting off. If you don’t want to do that task for more than the allotted amount of time, just quit. The idea is that once you get started on a burdensome task, you will get so into it that you will continue to work on it beyond the set amount of time. I began implementing this strategy into my daily routine. Not only was I doing things like organizing files, databases, cleaning closets and sock drawers, I was getting stuff done.

Finding some spiritual balance was a tough one as no one can tell you how to find your inner calm, peace of mind, that good-for-the-soul kind of feeling. I decided to take some “me time” every day. That may include a long walk, a hot bath, or just laughing with an old friend. Just think about your day. You go to the office, conduct meetings, put out fires, pick up kids, drive kids to activities, help kids with homework, make dinner, clean up, bathe kids, pack lunches, more work stuff, and on and on. If you are like me, you don’t sit down to watch mindless TV until 10 pm. Now, I have learned to delegate more at work and at home, take more breaks, enjoy my lunch, and allocate “me” time at home that is uninterrupted… no questions asked, period.

Once I put these seemingly common sense sound principles to practice all at once, I started noticing a change. For one, I am no longer suffering from weakness as a result of the anemia. I’m enjoying healthy, organic foods and not craving the garbage, processed foods. I’m more organized, grounded, focused, and, in a nutshell, happier. As an added bonus, I’ve lost 15 pounds.

I hate to admit it, but Dana was right. Turns out my “nearly perfect” friend does know a thing or two about cleaning up. So, for that, I thank her and all of the professionals who contributed to my September self experiment. Now it’s time to take what I’ve learned and make it a lifestyle. Now that I’ve lost 15 pounds, the Wonder Woman outfit for Halloween is sounding like a good idea.

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