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Redbud Construction Services

Transforming Your Vision for Your New Home or Remodeling Project into Reality

By Shawn Van Dyke, Founder of Redbud Construction Services

My passion for building, as well as my deep respect for traditional craftsmanship as an art form, began at an early age, led to a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Tennessee, and later the creation of Redbud Construction Services.

Our clients are delighted to discover that companies like Redbud still exist. Companies that are committed to unrivaled quality, attention to detail, and an appreciation of traditional craftsmanship, which is not so common today. Redbud is committed to a level of workmanship many others in our profession overlook, and we have integrated 21st century technology and management techniques into each and every project we undertake. Quality craftsmanship combined with technological advances and clear communication provide our clients with not only a totally unique experience, but also provide Redbud with the pride that comes from exceeding our clients’ expectations. This joy enables our clients to become our best sales force. Redbud specializes in creating new spaces for our clients, but we excel at building relationships.

We have developed a 4-step process that we walk our clients through to ensure our clients understand exactly what their projects will entail.

  1. The first step is an initial site visit to review and discuss the scope of the project.
  2. Next we produce an Estimate and Design Proposal that details the work that REDBUD will perform to complete the project.
  3. Following the Estimate and Design Proposal we produce the Design documents which provide our clients with the final scope of work and cost for their projects.
  4. Finally we execute the construction contract, and then the real fun begins.

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Redbud Construction Services, LLC
320 Troy Circle, Suite D
Knoxville, TN 37919

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