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Cloth & Chair Interiors

Just what is Cloth & Chair Interiors? Perhaps it is best to allow Cloth & Chair Interiors founder and interior designer, Kari Openshaw, explain.

“After many years in the interior design industry, I have observed far too often interior design projects that had become a reflection of the designer’s, and not the homeowner’s, taste, style, and personality,” said Kari. “While I’m not suggesting that our area is not blessed with a number of very talented interior designers, I do feel that it is our responsibility as interior designers to facilitate and not supplant the client’s goals.”

Beyond the interior design function itself, the primary objective of the interior designer is to listen.

“I enjoy interacting with my clients,” said Kari. “I love creating an atmosphere that is casual and never intimidating. It’s important for the client to understand that they are in charge, and not me, and that my role as an interior designer is that of a facilitator. I begin by identifying your unique needs, personality, tastes, and budget and then transforming this information into a finished project that reflects your dreams and not my own.”

To help transform the client’s dreams into reality, Kari has recently launched a retail store in nearby Kingston.

“My clients love the shoppe,” said Kari. “It’s a fun, inspiring, and often whimsical space that features not only fabrics, furniture, and home décor items, but also gift items crafted by local artisans, including jewelry.”

And while Kari still enjoys her personal, one-on-one consultations in clients’ homes, the shoppe is also helpful to homeowners who benefit from the store’s vignettes and displays of home décor items.

“The shoppe is often a source for creative inspiration for clients, but the women especially enjoy our fun trunk shows featuring locally crafted gifts, jewelry, you name it,” said Kari. “I would like to extend a personal invitation to the readers of Everything Knoxville to not only visit our shoppe, Cloth & Chair Interiors, but to discover a new experience in interior design. It’s your home, not mine. Shouldn’t it reflect who you are?”

Cloth & Chair Interiors
1000 Ladd Landing Boulevard
Kingston, TN 37763

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