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Summer Road Trip with the Furry Children

Taking the family for a summer road trip oftentimes includes the furry children. Kennels and pet sitters are costly, and no one wants to leave the four-legged family members out of the fun. Your friends at Mast General Store are here to offer some tips that will help make your summer adventure a safe and enjoyable one for the furriest members of your family.

Plan ahead: Exploring the great outdoors is a budget-friendly activity for people and pets alike. Check out Best Hikes with Dogs in North Carolina by Karen Chavez. This resourceful guide contains a handy trail finder with a listing of trails that are appropriate for dogs of all ages and fitness levels. North Carolina’s lush forests, rolling meadows, and countless waterfalls create a perfect paradise for canine hikers and their owners. Karen’s hike guides, first aid tips, and list of 10 Canine Essentials make this book an excellent planning companion for your summer adventure.

Stay safe: During long road trips, pets need to get out and stretch their paws just like we do. Because rest areas and roadside parks are unfamiliar territory, it’s essential to leash the family dog when venturing outside the vehicle. Ruff Wear’s Knot a Leash is great for road stops and trail hikes because its locking carabineer keeps the leash and collar securely connected. With five feet of freedom, this rough and rugged, climbing rope inspired leash features a reflective trim that keeps your pet safely and securely connected to you at all times.

Exercise on the road: When you’ve gone off-road and arrive at a leash-free destination, the Chuckit! Ball Launcher is a great way to keep your tennis ball junkie entertained. The launcher helps you throw longer and faster with no need to bend down and retrieve a slobbery tennis ball with your hands. Chuckit! is great fun for Fetching Fido and a slobber-free, back-saver for Happy Humans.

Keep hydrated: Frequent water breaks are an essential part of long car rides in the hot summer sun. Standard water bowls tend to slosh around, creating a mess and leaving no water to drink. Bison Design’s Fold A Bowl is excellent for traveling because it has a zipper on the bottom that allows the bowl to be folded inside itself and zippered tight. This handy bowl also features an external ring for clipping on to a pack.

Snacks for the road: Everyone enjoys a treat while taking in the scenery. Zukes Mini Bakes are healthy and delicious dog treats enhanced with protein and include nutritious flavors like chicken, blueberry, potato, and cherry. While everyone enjoys people food, your dog will appreciate his own road trip snack.

Remember to have your pets’ identification and rabies tags attached to their collars, secure all animals in moving vehicles, never leave pets in unattended vehicles, and, of course, have fun. If your summertime adventure finds you in our neck of the woods, we’d be delighted for you to stop by Mast General Store for all of your road trip and outdoor adventure needs. Happy trails!

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