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Granite Transformations

A first, this marks the only time that Everything Knoxville has twice featured a single small business on its front cover. Last year we were excited to feature Granite Transformations on our magazine’s cover as a local area business that had truly exemplified the principles of success in a very challenging economic environment. Their success has served as an inspiration to many other small business owners.

Not content to rest on last year’s success, Granite Transformations, having just opened a new and expanded Design and Discovery Showroom in Knoxville, recently announced the opening of their brand new Design and Discovery Showroom in Chattanooga. And the results speak for themselves as customer response has exceeded even the most optimistic expectations.

Once again, we are pleased to interview local area entrepreneurs and husband and wife team, Buddy and Patti Baker.

Everything Knoxville: 2011 was a year of unprecedented success and growth for Granite Transformations. Were you ever tempted to take some time off and relax for a while?

Buddy Baker: We’ll relax later. The current economic environment is ripe with opportunities for aggressive companies with a great business model and a well thought-out marketing strategy.

EK: While you have meticulously implemented your well thought-out marketing strategy, how important was the quality of Granite Transformations’ products to your success?

Buddy: Even before launching Granite Transformations in Knoxville we were committed to identifying a product that was far superior to anything our competition might offer. We recognized that no marketing message, no matter how carefully crafted, could overcome inferior quality.

EK: So with a superior product and a carefully crafted marketing message, you launched your newly expanded Design and Discovery Showroom. Tell us, what were the results?

Patti Baker: Our new design center allows our customers both to plan and visualize their dream kitchen or bath in advance. Showing our expanded product offering has also helped our customers to discover how easy and cost effective their transformation can be.

EK: And now, on the heels of this success, you will be launching an all new Design and Discover Showroom in Chattanooga. What has the response been?

Patti: We have had a great response to our advertising in Chattanooga and have already established a base of satisfied Granite Transformations customers. We look forward to opening our new design center there so that our Chattanooga area customers have the same opportunity to come in and create their dream transformation.

EK: You had to know that your strategy of expanding during these troubled economic times almost seems counter-intuitive, and yet your strategy has been far more successful than even you had imagined. How do you account for that?

Buddy: In times like these, hunkering down and waiting for things to get better is a dangerous game of chance. We offer the best products, warranty, and service commitment, so why not make it known for those people who are interested in adding value to their homes.

EK: Tell us a little more about your new Chattanooga endeavor.

Patti: We are in the process finishing our design center there and anticipate having our grand opening celebration in the first quarter of this year. We expect the same level of success there as we have experienced here in Knoxville.

EK: You’ve successfully navigated a deep recession and housing industry collapse. What words of encouragement can you offer to other small business owners who might have hunkered down during these last several years?

Buddy: Start marketing heavily, but do it strategically and smart. Know your customers’ demographics and figure out how to reach them, and when it begins to work, expand your marketing proportionately.

EK: Any last thoughts you would like to share?

Buddy: Thanks to the great people of Knoxville, and watch out for information about our annual anniversary celebration in the coming months. It’s going to be a great time to discover your dream kitchen or bathroom that awaits you in your home.

Granite Transformations
10539 Lexington Drive
Knoxville, TN 37932

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