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Healthy Life Clinic

Discover the Future of Primary Health Care for Your Family

Gary Bickford, PhD-FNP-BC

Despite recent health care legislation, an increasing number of Americans seem to be more confused than ever over the future of health care in our nation. The confusion over just how this new legislation will work, funding, private versus government insurance plans and affordability have heightened the level of uncertainty in an already uncertain and yet crucial area of our lives.

This same uncertainty is causing physicians to question their own futures, resulting in some to abandon their primary care practices, early retirement, or the pursuit of other more lucrative fields such as weight loss and cosmetic specialties. With the already existing shortage of primary health care professionals in our country, the loss of these primary care providers will likely become an even more chronic problem in the future.

Fortunately, this need has given rise to the Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Physician Assistant (PA) with many benefits that may not have been fully appreciated just a few short years ago. FNP’s and PA’s are mid-level medical providers that have advanced beyond their former high levels of training, allowing them to provide primary patient care formerly provided by a physician. In fact, many Family Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants have advanced degrees at both the masters and doctorate level and have gone through various comprehensive medical training.

Recognizing the critical need for primary care providers, FNP’s and PA’s, and upon retiring from DuPont, Gary Bickford, PhD-FNP-BC graduated from the University of Tennessee as a Family Nurse Practitioner and Walden University with a Health Systems Doctorate. Today, Gary is the founder of three Healthy Life Clinics in Knoxville and Jamestown, Tennessee.

Healthy Life Clinic is also proud to have been recognized by SCORE as the “2011 Outstanding Small Business Launched by an Individual 50+”. In addition, Walden University recently honored Gary with their “2011 Outstanding Alumni Award,” which included a cash award. Half of this award was contributed to Remote Area Medical to furnish dental care to approximately 190 needy individuals.

If you would like to learn just how Healthy Life Clinic can make a difference in your family’s health care, you are invited to call or visit them. You’ll discover a team of highly trained and caring professionals that will listen carefully to your needs and that will provide you with an unprecedented level of compassion and understanding.

Healthy Life Clinic accepts most insurances including TennCare and Medicare.

To learn more, call (865) 247-6340 or visit

Healthy Life Clinic, Inc.
110 Perimeter Park Road, Suite G
Knoxville, TN 37922

“Gary and his entire staff are caring, compassionate people who truly listen to my needs. I can’t say enough about them or the care they provide my family.” – Kathy S.

“If you’re in search of a health care provider for your family who listens, I highly recommend Healthy Life Clinic.” – Jenny B.

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