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Making the Natural Choice in Primary Health Care

By Dr. Scott Courtley

Left to Right: daughter Elyana, wife Kerri, Dr. Scott Courtley & son Jackson

With much of the nation’s attention focused on the growing controversy surrounding the health care industry, growing numbers of Americans are contemplating a future of uncertainty related to their medical well being. With government involvement likely in every facet of patient care, many of us are left wondering just what level of care will exist in the years ahead for ourselves and our loved ones.

When I opened Courtley Chiropractic nearly 15 years ago, I could not have imagined the changes in the health care industry that would be thrust upon us. Today, patients are asking me how these changes are likely to affect me in my practice and how they may impact them. Fortunately for my practice and its patients, we have remained committed to carefully accessing each and every change as they have occurred within the health care industry and adapting to them in a manner which actually optimizes the level of care we provide, enhancing the patient’s experience.

Courtley Chiropractic has advanced far beyond basic chiropractic care to include the fields of nutrition, naturopathy, women’s hormonal health and detoxification, to name a few. With my expanded focus on more natural solutions to many of today’s health related issues, and with many patients demanding a more natural and holistic approach to medicine, growing numbers of patients are choosing me as their family doctor and primary care provider.

By transitioning my practice over the years to meet the growing health care needs of my patients in a rapidly changing industry, I am truly committed to providing a higher level of service, rather than a declining level of service that most Americans expect in the future.

An example of our commitment to improving patient care levels far beyond what they might expect is the PulStar G3, which is the latest innovation in the chiropractic field in 25 years. Relying on today’s newest technological advancements, PulStar allows clinicians to more accurately identify where a problem area exists, allowing the chiropractic physician to determine the best course of treatment delivery, more precise treatment and patient recovery. This is just one of the many examples of our growing commitment to providing a broader range of health care services and more positive patient experience at a time when many are expecting just the opposite.

If you are concerned about the changes in your health care and if you are as committed as I am to a more natural and holistic approach to every aspect of medicine in treating the whole person, I invite you to arrange for a free consultation. I look forward to answering all of your questions and assisting you in creating a blueprint for a future of good health and well being.

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