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Fort Sanders Women’s Specialists

Unprecedented Individual Care

How can a group practice offer the one-on-one personal care that women desire? How can my doctor offer me the experience of multiple specialists without ever leaving the office? How can the newest OB/GYN group in town offer the most experience? Fort Sanders Women’s Specialists has the answers!

These were some of the questions that the physicians of Fort Sanders Women’s Specialists were trying to answer when they decided to form a new group in 2009. Dr. David Owen, who has over 30 years of private practice experience in Knoxville, was especially sensitive to the first question. “My patients were voicing concern over the impersonal nature of most group practices,” he said. He and several other forward thinking physicians decided there had to be a better way.

Dr. Robb McKeown and Dr. Dean Turner, who combine for over 30 years of experience, also recognized the difficulty in being able to provide every service for every patient. “We all have areas of individual expertise and specialty, but it is impossible to be the best at everything,” notes Dr. McKeown.

Dr. Owen, Dr. McKeown, and Dr. Turner joined with Dr. Curtis Elam and Dr. Steve Pierce to form Fort Sanders Women’s Specialist in 2009. “The most important issue for me was to have partners that I could count on at all times,” voiced Dr. Elam.

Every one of our OB patients has a single doctor as their primary physician. They see the same person for almost every visit. Dr. Turner is quick to point out, “Our patients arrive at the hospital telling the nursing staff who their doctor is, not who the group is.”

Fort Sanders Women’s Specialists utilizes the expertise of Dr. Perry Roussis and Dr. Gary Stephens from Fort Sanders Perinatal Center to read every 18-20 week Ultrasound anatomy screen. Dr. Stephens explains, “Clinical studies prove that significantly more birth defects are identified early when a Fellowship trained High Risk OB reviews the Ultrasound.” In addition, Dr. Roussis and Dr. Stephens are immediately available if any high-risk situation arises.

In 2010, the group expanded their size and level of expertise by adding Dr. L. Michael Fields and Dr. G. Walton Smith. Dr. Fields and Dr. Smith helped the group develop the Center for Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery. Utilizing the commitment to technology at Fort Sanders Regional Hospital, the group can now offer a level of GYN care that is not found anywhere else in East Tennessee. Dr. Smith is currently the only AIMIS certified physician in Knoxville, although Dr. McKeown and Dr. Elam should soon join that rank. “Our partner, Dr. Fields, brings over 700 Robotic cases as his experience,” reports Dr. Smith. Most Physicians in town are working on their first 15 to 20 cases. The Physicians of Fort Sanders Women’s Specialists have performed multiple “firsts” in Robotic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery. “We are striving for less than three percent open-incision rate for our patients,” explains Dr. Fields. “We are driven to offer quicker recoveries, safer procedures, and less painful surgeries for our patients.”

Dr. Fields recently performed a Robotic Hysterectomy on a uterus that was equivalent to a full term pregnancy! The lady was able to go home the next morning – pretty impressive for someone who had driven here from Missouri just for this level of expertise.

This year Fort Sanders Women’s Specialists added Dr. Dana Teagarden to the roster. Dr. Teagarden is a vocal advocate for women’s health issues. She was searching for a group that shared the same commitment to individualized care that has shaped her practice. Dr. Teagarden provides expertise in adolescent Gynecology and counseling.

A group where your doctor is focused on your individual care! Experts in the same office for your doctor to consult with! Over 150 years of private practice experience here in Knoxville! Welcome to Fort Sanders Women’s Specialists.

Women’s Specialists… Absolutely!

Fort Sanders Women’s Specialists
501 19th Street, Trustees Tower
Knoxville, TN 37916

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