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Todd Richesin Interiors


Interior design duo Todd Richesin and Bobby Brown have recently launched their latest venture, UPSTAIRS at Todd Richesin Interiors. UPSTAIRS is located at Todd’s new office at the corner of Kingston Pike and Lyons View Pike in the iconic “Up And Down” service station building, at 4514 Old Kingston Pike. Built in the 1930’s and restored a few years ago by Sam Furrow, the building is the perfect place to combine both the interior design business and the products available at UPSTAIRS.

For the past 11 years, Todd Richesin Interiors has operated out of Todd and Bobby’s home in West Knoxville. In 2010, Todd was named as one of the “Top 20 Next Wave of Interior Designers” by House Beautiful magazine, and also as one of “20 Designers to Watch” by Traditional Home. In addition to these two incredible honors, Todd had two of his projects published by Traditional Home in 2010. In June, there was an 11-page spread of a home he did in Key West, Florida, and in November, there were nine pages of a home he did in Greeneville, Tennessee.

The response to these honors has been really well received on a local level. Todd and Bobby felt that the time was right to expand their businesses and make Todd Richesin Interiors more accessible to people in Knoxville. The design studio and office space in the new location is a real step of growth for this company. The design studio is filled with the latest in beautiful fabric samples; the furniture, lighting, and accessory resources are limitless. Everything is presented in a clean and modern setting with incredible natural light. The light is truly amazing in the new space. Todd’s personal office is situated at what many would call one of the most exciting views in Knoxville. There is an incredible energy in the space with all the traffic bustling by just outside the curved glass windows.

Todd Richesin Interiors specializes in listening to the client’s needs and wants, and interpreting their dream and vision into reality. “Listening is one of the most important attributes of a good designer,” says Todd. “I want projects to look like my clients live there, not me. An interior should reflect the owner and their interests, not the designer’s personal style or taste.”

When you talk with Todd’s clients, that is the exact response you get. “Todd gave me exactly what we asked for… and so much more,” says a client on Cherokee Boulevard. “We gave him a specific list of needs for our family and a source of inspiration and he delivered exactly what we wanted and exceeded our goals.”

UPSTAIRS at Todd Richesin Interiors is the perfect complement to the design studio. Located on the Lyons View Drive side of the building, UPSTAIRS offers a unique shopping experience in a gallery like space flooded with natural light from all four sides. The concept for UPSTAIRS is a take on the way Todd and Bobby live in their own home in West Knoxville. Their signature mix of antiques, fine art, quality new furniture pieces, unique accessories, and luxuriously appointed upholstery is showcased beautifully here. New items range from tables, chests, lamps, dining chairs, mirrors, and artwork, all the way down to beautiful accessories, candles, and items perfect for that last minute gift. The liberal use of color has always been one of Todd and Bobby’s trademarks, and it is beautifully presented at UPSTAIRS.

The shop is reminiscent of the boutique style shops the couple loves to look for while traveling in Europe. Treasures abound around every corner. You can’t just take a quick walk through to see everything, you have to take time to drink it in and walk through more than once. It really is a treasure hunt, and the curved glass windows draw you through the store to one of Knoxville’s most energetic views.

UPSTAIRS is the perfect complement to Todd and Bobby’s other business, Bobby Todd Antiques, in historic downtown Sweetwater, TN. In order to get the full effect of the work that Todd and Bobby do, and the range of products offered, you have to visit both stores!

UPSTAIRS at Todd Richesin Interiors
4514 Old Kingston Pike in Knoxville

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