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Is an Energy Efficient Home in Your Future?

Everything KnoxvilleWhile there is no question that the popularity of building greener and more energy efficient homes is gaining momentum in our country, perhaps the greatest catalyst to this movement is skyrocketing energy costs that threaten to eclipse mortgage payments as the homeowner’s largest monthly cash outlay. Technological advances in building materials and processes now make it possible to construct an attractive and desirable, green, energy efficient homes that are affordable and which meet the lifestyles of individual homeowners.

“There have been giant strides over the last decade in home energy-saving technologies,” says Luxe Homes & Design President Jenny Blalock, “but their introduction into the new home construction marketplace has been piecemeal. Fortunately, over time, national programs such as ENERGY STAR have evolved, combining the very best in newly emerging technologies into a comprehensive system that has established guidelines which, when systematically applied, result in homes that reduce energy consumption by an average of 20-30%.”

And with the nation’s attention focused on these rapidly escalating energy costs and with the home consultation industry’s commitment to building more energy efficient homes, would-be new homeowners are investigating these new energy saving technologies with the goal of dramatically reducing the monthly costs of home ownership.

“By combining the very latest in energy saving technologies from America’s leaders in energy conservation, including Owens-Corning, we are committed to providing would-be homebuyers with an affordable and energy efficient home that meets their family’s individual needs as well as greatly reduced energy requirements,” says Blalock.

Luxe Homes & Design broke ground in early January on their new ENERGY STAR rated home, The Avondale Park, located in Serenity River, a private, gated, waterfront community about 15 minutes from downtown Knoxville. This showcase home will reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

“The Avondale Park represents the future of new home construction,” says Blalock. “It combines the very best features of single level living including a great room with fireplace and 14-foot ceiling, three bedrooms and a study. Other features include a spacious two-and-a-half car garage, tray ceiling in the master bedroom, formal dining room and much more.”

The Avondale Park also features an 800 square foot space on a second level where a bonus room can be added.

The Avondale Park earns its ENERGY STAR rating by adhering to stringent guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, making it up to 30% more energy efficient than a similar home employing conventional construction standards.

The centerpiece of this ENERGY STAR rated home is its proprietary total insulation envelope from Owens-Corning. In addition, The Avondale Park features high-performance windows, high-efficiency ENERGY STAR rated HVAC system, and ENERGY STAR rated lighting and appliances. And to ensure full compliance, third-party on-site verification from a certified home energy rating company monitors key phases of construction.

“If an energy efficient home is in your future, I’d like to invite you to discover the possibilities which exist to experience the affordable lifestyle you desire with the energy efficiency and savings that you deserve,” says Blalock.

To learn more, contact Jenny Blalock at Luxe Homes & Design at (865) 755-4680 or visit

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