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Color Theory

Enduring an unusually cold, snowy and dark winter has made any hint of springtime a welcome relief! As you enter The Lily Pad, you’ll be greeted by color for spring and lots of it! We’re calling it the E-season for color… Exquisite! Expressive! Exclusive! and Exciting!

For spring 2011, there is not one color palette or color family that can be singled out as the new “it” color, according to Pantone Color Institute. Instead, they’re forecasting a rise in complementary color… colors from opposite sides of the spectrum being paired together.

Apparel is less expensive in relation to investment purchases; you may love purple, but when it comes to buying a car, you’ll lean toward pewter, gray or black. Purple will show up in less expensive buys such as your apparel or accessories… perhaps a purple faux-leather purse will become your fashion “fix!”

Imagine using tomato red with hunter green… doesn’t look like Christmas; rather, combining complementary colors allows us to look at color differently than we might have before. While pairing colors with their “opposites” may sound like trying to mix oil and water, it’s really just a fresh, new approach for a fresh, new season!

Refreshing splashes of invigorating brights punctuate classic, versatile neutrals as designers offer a playful spring palette for endless possibilities and very creative combinations.

Now have some fun as you pair yellow with purple… Exquisite! Hunter greens and spicy reds… Exclusive! Apricot and medium blue… Expressive! Any of these combinations, when wearing with your black slacks or gray skirt, can refresh this classic look with minimal shopping!

The spring 2011 color palette perfectly reflects the cheerfulness of the season. Neutrals combine with pops of bright color to create unique, distinctive looks, which are the basis for a great spring and summer wardrobe. Have fun with color as we begin our approach into this most awaited season.

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