Master Closet Trends for 2020

Closets: Everybody has them, and a good closet system can certainly make your life easier and more organized, especially master closets.

Well-thought-out and organized master closets not only help maximize storage capacity, but they also increase the value of your home. In fact, for the past few years, master closets have been one of the top 10 elements people look for when buying a new house.

If you’re thinking about renovating your master suite or building a new house, here are a few trends for 2020.

His and Her Closets – Create perfect harmony with your significant other with his and her closets. Women are adding touches of glamour with chandeliers and mirror accents. Men prefer less glamour but want to display and easily find items like special hats or ties. With two walk-in master closets, each person can create a custom design that meets their individual needs. If it’s one large walk-in closet, create sides that are mirror images, so neither partner gets more storage than the other. Equality does breed harmony.

Ditch the Dresser – To make more room in the bedroom, homeowners are saying goodbye to their dressers. Incorporating drawers and shelving in the closet allows for space and versatility to store your entire wardrobe. Drawer storage in the closet provides an out-of-sight organization while lending an attractive, smooth finished look. The master closet is now designed to be one-stop-shop when it comes to getting dressed.

Counters – If you have the luxury of space, an island provides the perfect place for a landing zone of daily items. If there isn’t enough space for an island, have a contrasting or matching countertop placed above a double set of deep drawers. Homeowners are often using this space not only as a landing zone, but also as a charging station by placing an outlet just above the countertop.

Built-In Hampers – It is hard to get excited about a new closet design when you still have your plastic hamper collecting all of the dirty clothes. Built-in hampers continue to be popular. They conveniently conceal the mess – and odor – while giving easy access to dirty laundry. A 30” wide hamper will hold two mildew-resistant bag, while a 24” wide has only one bag.

Whatever your style, Tailored Living of Knoxville will design a custom closet that fits your needs. As whole-home organization specialists, Tailored Living also has innovative storage solutions for the pantry, laundry, home offices, garage, and more. Make 2020 the year of organization.

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