That is the Hardwood Flooring Question. 

When Sharon Anderson began remodeling their Briarcliff home in Oak Ridge, she seriously considered replacing the well-worn original hardwood flooring located in her kitchen, foyer, and back hallway. She did some research and looked at several samples but couldn’t find anything she liked as well as the Bruce solid wood flooring with beveled edged boards of varying widths that the builder had chosen and installed when the house was built in 1983.

The designer she was working with, Michele Hunley, suggested that Sharon contact the owners at European Fine Hardwood Floors. After Valera Tomescu and his wife, Svetlana, came out for a free estimate consultation, Sharon remembers being “very impressed with them, and I especially liked the idea of the dustless Bona System they use.”

With the restoration underway, Sharon was extremely pleased with the European Fine Hardwood Floors outside vacuum system. “We did not have to cover counters and furnishings in adjoining areas to protect them from dust because there was absolutely ZERO dust!” recalls Sharon. She also felt comfortable with the Tomescu crew in her home as “their work is impeccable, and they are persons of great personal integrity, which means a lot to me.”

Sharon was delighted with the outcome. “The refinishing project was an absolute success with the work being completed to our highest level of expectation. We had to have a few boards replaced because of some water damage from the dogs’ water bowls, and Valera matched the original floor exactly. The finished results were amazing! The floors are beautiful, and I am so happy I did not have them replaced.”

Since her own experience working with Valera and Svetlana was “top notch,” Sharon recommended European Fine Hardwood Floors to friends who wanted to refinish existing hardwoods that had been covered by carpet for more than 50 years. They were extremely pleased with Valera’s work, too.

“I could not give European Fine Hardwood Floors a higher recommendation,” said Sharon. “I would not hire or recommend any other company to anyone needing flooring services. They are the best! Our remodeling contractor, Marshall Sheldon – who also built this home – said he thought the floors looked even better than when they were new!”

If you are ready to restore the beauty of your hardwood flooring, call European Fine Hardwood Floors. With their years of skilled craftsmanship, long list of delighted clients, and tried-and-true sustainable Bona products, they offer the highest quality standards in the refinishing industry.

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