Ditch the “List” in 2020

By Susan Davis, Owner of Personal Space Construction

January is a great time of the year to take on that long list of nagging household “things to do” that gets sidelined by summer family vacations, inclement weather, sports playoffs, waiting for the needed materials to go on sale, and the holidays. The only thing that seems to be getting done is the addition of even more items to your growing “things to do” list.

At Personal Space Construction, we specialize in helping homeowners tackle annoying projects are taking forever to complete or that just never get started. Perhaps it’s maintenance items that you have been delaying because you lack the time or the know-how. Keep in mind that deferred maintenance can end up costing you even more in the long run.

Are your utility bills higher than they should be? Maybe your home has inadequate insulation or your windows have cold winter air entering your home from poorly performing windows and doors?

Is your home dated? Would you like to restore that same showroom quality look to your home that it had when it was new? Or perhaps it’s time to improve your home’s curb appeal? A fresh coat of quality paint, updated lighting, and new plumbing fixtures are just a few of the things you can do to freshen up things.

Increasing area home valuations is another reason to consider enhancing your home’s value, particularly if you are considering selling your home in the future. And if your home isn’t meeting your needs, avoiding the hassle and costs of selling your existing home, buying a new one, and then moving, renovation and updating might make more sense. Great places in the home to start are the kitchen and baths.

If you find yourself in agreement but overwhelmed or in over your head, why not contact the professionals at Personal Space Construction? Personal Space Construction has decades of experience in home design, construction, and renovation and employs only the most experienced tradesmen. From concept to completion, Personal Space Construction is your total turn-key solution to your growing “things to do” list. Regardless of the size of your project, Personal Space Construction can help you transform your wish list into reality. And you can make it happen today with one simple phone call to 865-271-7998.

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