Taking Care of Our Bodies

“All It Takes Is Commitment”

“I have always been a vital, energetic person who has spent quite a bit of time in the gym throughout the years,” said Vickie Lane. “Yet as I grew older, I realized I had different needs in a workout and no idea how to address them. The gyms I had belonged to didn’t either. I gave in to my frustration and completely stopped taking care of my body. The result was lethargy, weight gain, loss of confidence, and low self worth.”

For years, Vickie had passed by the Northshore Fitness Together center and in desperation, gave them a call.

“I joined Fitness Together because I believed they could guide me in returning to the healthy, happy person I used to be,” she said. “And truthfully, I needed to be held accountable.”

Vickie was paired with her personal trainer, Elise.

“She was a blessing!” said Vickie. “She questioned me about my goals and consistently created custom programs to help me reach them. She challenged me, encouraged me, and celebrated with me as I attained one goal after another. And she made it fun! Honestly, I felt the entire Fitness Together team was behind me as they counseled me about nutrition, how the body works, and why I was doing specific exercises. For me, it’s important to know the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’.”

Vickie far exceeded her goals.

“I feel energetic, I’ve lost weight, gained confidence, and feel SO much better about myself!” she said. “And I recently competed in the Tennessee District Senior Olympic Games and won in my event!”

Vickie is constantly recommending Fitness Together to others because they deliver on their promise.

“All it takes is commitment,” said Vickie. “It’s imperative we take care of our bodies, especially as we get older. Fitness Together is a clean facility, always welcoming and never intimidating. If you find yourself where I was, please give yourself the gift of experiencing the free first visit.”

Fitness Together