By Carrie McConkey,

Have you ever stopped to think about your work style? Although your daily goals may be similar to those of your co-workers, the way you accomplish them is probably very different. You may be someone whose creativity is sparked by a pen and notepad, or you might be a paperless devotee who loves to keep all your notes on one tablet. Whichever way you work best, a custom-designed home office can turn you into a career overachiever.

For the Paper Lover or Cloud User

If paper notes float your boat, custom-measured shelves and file drawers for binders, books, and important documents will keep your projects organized. Paper-free work styles benefit from added counter space for multiple monitors, and LED strips with USB ports keep electronic devices powered up.

Seated, Standing, or Stability Ball Preferred

Whether you love a balance ball chair or like to lean back in your office lounger, an office space designed around your work habits will help you stay focused. An adjustable sitting-to-standing desk gives you options, and convenient pull-out writing surfaces streamline your space when not in use.

The Corner Office Re-imagined

If your home office is doing double-duty as a guest room, create a stylish work corner that maximizes your square footage. Customized cabinets and drawers in high-gloss acrylic hide files and office supplies, and a cozy and convenient wall bed for overnight visitors will fold out of the way during your busiest workday.

A Workspace Built for Two

Create a shared home office workspace that will ward off intra-office drama. Separate desktops provide room to spread out, and storage shelves, drawers, and cabinets in more than 50 finishes can be designed to fit each remote worker’s organization needs.

The storage experts at Closets by McKenry are your partners when it comes to productive workdays. Visit their West Knoxville showroom today to view their extensive collection of hardware, accessories, and locally manufactured storage systems. We guarantee they can match your home and your work style.

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