Keep Your Home Safe and Secure This Holiday Season

Whether you’re home for the holidays or setting off on a well-deserved family vacation, the security of your home is of top importance. Join Fleenor Security as we go through helpful tips to keep your home safe and secure this holiday season!

Holiday shopping early this year? Be sure to keep it under wraps! Setting out perfectly wrapped gifts under the tree may be all too tempting for an optimistic thief. At the same time, leaving empty boxes from large purchases outside on the curb could also let a burglar know that your home might be worth the risk. Be sure to break down all boxes before setting them outside and keep gifts in a location that is not easily seen from the outside.

If you are planning on traveling during the holiday season, be sure to tell a trusted neighbor that you’ll be away. Ask them if they can check on your property, take your mail and packages inside your home, and even park a car in your driveway. A build-up of mail is a tell-tale sign for a burglar that the house may be empty. So, better yet, it is always a good idea to contact your local post office to ask to put a hold on your mail while you are away.

Be sure to keep your travel plans off all social media sites. Even if your followers consist of close friends and family, it is never a good idea to broadcast that you will be away from your home for an extended period. Instead, save the fun-filled family pictures for when you return!

Consider investing in a home security system. A home security system with smart home automation allows you to remain connected to your property. With a mobile app, you can control your system directly from your smartphone. You can turn lights on and off, ensure all doors are locked, and even set your thermostat to take advantage of energy savings. You’ll likewise get a notification right on your phone if a sensor is triggered. A home security system can bring you peace of mind that your home is safe and secure while you’re out of town or just out doing some holiday shopping.

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